This will affect your ability to communicate and associate. Only well established websites with deep pockets will be able to be heard. New businesses will be unable to compete unless they are financed and approved by the moneyed elite. Make your voice heard now or we will all lose.

The following link to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver gives an amusing, yet accurate, description of the issue.

For those who prefer to read, the following links to the Electronic Frontier Foundation will help you understand what’s going on.

 What on Earth Is Going On at the FCC? A Guide to the Proposed Net Neutrality Rules

FCC and Net Neutrality: A Way Forward

Deep Dive: In Defense of A Neutral Net

You can let them know how you feel and what you think about the proposed rules here, or you can send an email directly by clicking this link to open your email client, ready for you to express your opinion. Let’s send them so much email in opposition that they can’t find any expressing support!